Visual bookmarking made easy.

With LeafPile you can collect and organise your inspiration, thoughts, images, videos, and links in once place. It is simple, easy to use and best of all free!

Browser Extensions?

We have a strong focus on privacy and browser addons can be intrusive and effect browser performance. This in mind we have a nifty bookmarklet which will allow you to add leaves quickly and without leaving your page.

Drag the button into your address bar!

Why LeafPile?


All of your "leaves" you add you can tag and filter to narrow down your search. Especially usful if you have multiple projects.

Live Search

Using our search function you can quickly type and the results will filter, it works on title, tag and content.


Using the Leafpile bookmarklet you can quickly add "leaves" whilst you're browsing the web without leaving the page.

A No Cost Solution

Did we mention it's FREE? Like no money, no credit card, no trial period. Just free.

Dark And Light

You can setup you LeafPile in light and dark mode, whichever you prefer to make your Leafpile more easy on your eye.

Safe And Secure

We keep your data safe, it's never sold. The site uses SSL eveywhere on a cloud based VPC.